What Vegans Eat – Day 1194


Lunch: We are having dinner with friends tonight and tomorrow I leave for five days in Quebec. I did not have any set meals before dinner. Instead, with Gary’s encouragement, I prepared some food for my journey the following day. I would be traveling with my friend Deo who was flying to New York today from California and would be in need of nourishment for tomorrow’s trip. I rolled up my sleeves and prepped the ingredients to make Pumpkin Seed Crusted Tofu Steaks and Baked Sweet Potato Toast. When everything was ready to be baked I noticed that the oven had not heated up. I reset it and still it did not work. The range was broken! The stove was working but the oven was not. It was Saturday and there was no one I knew who could repair it until making an appointment on Monday. Gary’s good at coming up with alternatives in a food crisis and he suggested grilling the sweet potato slices. I oiled the cast iron grill and got them going. It worked well. I love the grill marks!

The Tofu Steaks were another story. They were too fragile and messy to be put directly on the grill. I wrapped them in parchment paper and set them in a Dutch Oven, covered on the stove. The steaks cooked, but they did not look as good as they do when baked. Still, they were tasty and I plan on bringing them along on tomorrow’s trip.
Dinner: Gary and I met up with Robin Lamont and her husband Ken Swenson. When I interviewed Robin in 2014 and again in 2015 we talked about getting together sometime for dinner. Gary and I met both Robin and Ken at the Anti-Fur Society Conference in 2015 and talked about meeting for dinner sometime. Our dinner date was finally scheduled for today,

I ordered the Eggplant Lasagna.

Guess what Gary, my burger boy, got?

Ken, who discovered and fell in love with Macrobiotics years ago got the Good Food Plate ordering his own four sides: Grilled Tofu, Brown Rice, Greens and Beans.

Robin had the Risotto.

It’s relaxing to dine with those in the vegan tribe and the conversation was enjoyable. We finished with hot beverages and I chose the Chai Latte with Almond Milk.

Evening: I had not eaten much today and when we got home I had another Garbanzo Bean Sundae: Garbanzo Beans topped with Tahini Dressing and Nutritional Yeast.


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  1. Looking for Continued motivation – How do you maintain this vegan life style if you work a Monday to Friday Job? Looking for suggestion for breakfast and lunch.(Keeping it simple)

    • Have you been following this blog, What Vegans Eat? We post many easy meals, especially this last month where we are traveling and working all day and most evenings. Have you looked at our breakfast recipes? Rolled Oats, soaked the night before or made int he morning with raw nuts, seeds and fruit is quick and satisfying.

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