What Vegans Eat – Day 1332


Breakfast: We sat asking each other what we wanted for breakfast. I suggested Buckwheat Crepes but I didn’t feel any enthusiasm around the idea. I got up and let inspiration move through me. I wanted to make a Cabbage Salad. But first I needed a dressing so I created one with hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are very nutritious but they can be expensive in the United States because we have some ridiculous laws making it illegal to grow hemp here. Meanwhile the United States is the largest user of hemp products! The government is beginning to see the value (PROFIT$) in growing hemp but it is still not legal. We recently bought Hemp Seeds at a reasonable price so I wanted to experiment making some salad dressing. I created a simple Lemon Hemp Seed Dressing for my Cabbage Salad.

Lunch: We went for the buffet today. That means all the cooked and prepared food in the refrigerator comes out on the table. We had Pinto Beans, Millet, Purple and Orange Sweet Potatoes, roasted Tempeh and a Garbanzo Bean Flour Frittata.

Dinner: We were meeting my friend Nancy in Manhattan to see a new musical. The theater was near Rin Thai, the restaurant we ate at the last time we were together. I was feeling very anxious today. I didn’t know the source, but I thought it was accumulation of many things including sitting on a jury for a criminal trial last week and the emotional triggered by the Kavanaugh hearing. I ordered some Hot Sake to relax. It worked like a charm.

Gary and I were not very hungry since we had a big, late lunch. We are also feeling sensitive, suspicious of the mysterious ingredients in prepared foods at restaurants. I started with Edamame. Gary reminded me to ask for it without salt.

We both ordered steamed Vegetables. Gary added Tofu to his. These vegetables had absolutely no taste. It’s sad. When restaurants buy low quality, cheap produce with no flavor they prepare them with sauces filled with oil, sugar and salt and who knows what else so people will be satisfied. The kind of produce you buy does make a difference. When the produce is fresh, organic and grown with care the flavors are amazing.


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