What Vegans Eat – Day 1468


First Meal: One day without a green salad and I was craving one so badly. Gary made me a big bowl of organic Baby Greens and organic Arugula with a Tahini Dressing and Olives. What more could I ask for?

How about leftovers? Yesterday’s organic Brown Rice Pasta and Peas with Cashew Cheese Sauce was as good as ever.

Gary also warmed up the Polenta I made the day before and topped each slice with Marinara. They were adorable, but we were both to stuffed to eat them. They will return tomorrow.

Green Juice: It’s Gary’s one day off before his show opens. We took a drive over the hill to Santa Cruz. We like it there. We did a big shopping at our favorite market, the Staff of Life. Before leaving we ordered our favorite green juice from their juice bar, the Bruce Bannon.

We had some friends join us.

Second Meal: We debated where we might have our next meal. Should we stay in Santa Cruz or head back to the Vegetarian House? Vegetarian House was the obvious choice and we were not the only ones who chose it. The place was packed when we got there. We were seated after a brief wait and ordered our favorites beginning with the Heavenly Salad. It was especially heavenly tonight.

I just had the Spicy Mambo with Lion’s Mane Mushrooms just four days ago and couldn’t wait to have it again.

They have an excellent rice blend.

Gary got the Guru Curry.

He likes his Guru Curry with rice and Roti.


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