What Vegans Eat – Day 1529


First Meal: We began a new tradition last year with my mom and her wonderful next door neighbor Laurie. Laurie’s birthday is six days before mine so mom takes us to lunch to celebrate at the Cheesecake Factory. Gary came along. We all ordered the vegan cobb salad! It’s so good, even the omnivores love it. Mom enjoyed every bite, saying no one makes a salad like this.

Second Meal: We are doing it right today. We had another giant salad for dinner. Coming home from mom’s is when I get to stop on the way home at Whole Foods. We picked up everything we would need for the next week before flying back out to California. This salad had organic Spring greens, organic Millet and organic Purple Sweet Potatoes with organic Tahini Dressing.

For dessert we each had a couple of dates. We bought them in a local middle eastern store we call “Thangod” because the merchant there always says “Thangod”. He sells California Medjool dates and Israeli ones which are so much better. We saw the California dates but not the Israeli ones. We asked where the dates were and he said, “Oh you want the GOOD ones?” And he showed us where they were “hidden”. We got the good ones!

Third Meal: I have been asking Gary to make his Marinara so we could have “Pasta”. I baked a Spaghetti Squash and Gary made the sauce. It was gorgeous. Especially good topped with our Almond Ricotta.


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