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  1. To answer your question – I have discovered as Dr. Bill Bennett bright yo light….it’s all about the P$MP$N!!!!

    My motto is: NO MORE PIMPIN$$$$$!!!!

    Big Bill, former secretary of education said: WASHINGTON is the biggest whorehouse in the world$$$$$$

    See New Yorker: Trump helps Tycoons triumph over COVID.. Major donor/$327 million Jesus Foundation!!!Prayer breakfast…CHICKEN KING!!! NPR!!

    Will make your blood boil over!!!!

    PIMPIN? Let me count the ways…more discovered daily:


    Heard someone invoke GeorbelsNazi propaganda: If you shout it loud enough and often enough – people will believe it.

    If I hear another ad for Plavix? Or any number of drugs. ..I might shoot someone!!

    NPR. I do learn so much. But everyday I hear about their responsible seafood sponsor: gag me!!!

  2. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
    Small world. Just rediscovered this. Posted on FB. Then, noticed I have been here before.

    So hard for so many to see the forest for the trees!!! Saw a picture illustrating how big the redwoods are with a “tiny “ person next to it. Who has the marketing budget?? Oreos et al!!!

    It is said we are with food now where we were with cigs 50 years ago. And as Greger points out, it took SEVEN THOUSAND studies before we got the warning from the surgeon general.

    And, in the richest most highly educated land of all time, people know less about nutrition than almost anything else. And are more resistant to change than religion.

    Need point out – 400 years of little change….; and look what God had to do to stir things up. GOD!!!

    Patience is a virtue – but ignorance is not bliss!!!

    COVID is serious!!!

    Someone said: I am as serious as Cancer!!!!

    And I have been labeled a health nut all my life. Well thank God for that – but what does that make them????

    And in sales and other endeavors – we talk about going from knowing to doing. Like people who say: I can’t give up cheese. Barnard tells why!!!

    And they say it takes 15 times tasting things before acquiring a taste for it.

    Recalling…most salespeople accept the first no. Most sales are made after the fifth no!!!

    Love your message!!! And I will attempt to spread the gospel. You are so much prettier than am I and just put all the pieces together so well!!!

    Thanks again! I am overwhelmed with love for you and all that you do for all of living and yet to be born!!!🤗🤗❤️❤️🤗🤗❤️❤️🤗🤗❤️❤️

  3. I am a diggin it!!!

    Excellent overview of the issues presented in positive manner.

    What don’t THEY get?????


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